Jeff Bezos Personally Announced That ‘The Expanse’ Was ‘Saved’ By Amazon For Season Four


The story that was reported earlier in the week can now be confirmed, with the final word coming directly from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. While stopping by the International Space Development Conference, Bezos took a moment to confirm that The Expanse will return for a fourth season according to Mashable:

The Amazon founder and CEO summed up the situation succinctly during an appearance at the International Space Development Conference: “The Expanse is saved.” The watching crowd, which included multiple members of the show’s cast, erupted with cheers immediately.

Video of the announcement made its way on Twitter and brought the #SaveTheExpanse efforts to a positive close, even possibly confirming the idea that it was Bezos’ favorite show.

Production company Alcon Entertainment celebrated the news on Twitter, sharing their anticipation for continuing the series on Amazon Prime and thanking everybody who helped keep it alive — “From reddit campaigns to airplanes”:

It isn’t clear if we’ll get more crazy fan efforts in the future for other shows, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Expanse showed how the current online era has changed the TV cancellation/renewal cycle. It might stretch back to Timeless being brought back for season two after being canceled for three days, but now you can see that things are far different.

Now if we can get Last Man On Earth on Hulu for one final season — or a movie — it’d be a fine close to the last television season.

(Via Mashable)