Every Canceled And Renewed Network TV Show Of 2018

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The end of the 2018 television series has brought plenty of drama, with little of it happening during the shows on each network. The most significant mover has been Fox, shocking many fans of their longtime comedy offerings, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man On Earth, by canceling shows as part of their “New Fox” initiative according to Indiewire:

Dubbed internally as “New Fox,” the network appears to be relying much more on tried-and-true broadcast staples — multi-camera comedies, procedural dramas, live sports — to attract the (yes, older-skewing and perhaps more middle America) audience watching broadcast television.

Nothing demonstrates that more than the decision to revive “Last Man Standing,” a Tim Allen sitcom that had been off the air for a year after ABC cancelled it in 2017. The success of “Roseanne,” a multi-cam sitcom whose star, like Allen, espouses a conservative viewpoint, convinced Fox to give it a go.

The saga of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has held most of the attention since it was canceled by Fox, flirting with possible moves to TBS and Hulu before finally landing as a mid-season addition at NBC for season six.

CBS also shocked a few by canceling many of their comedies, including Kevin Can Wait. Despite strong ratings, the network canceled the series after its second season. It’s unknown if the fan response to the loss of Erinn Hayes at the start of the season hurt the show, but the decision does come as a surprise considering the network’s history with James and Remini.

The full list of renewals and cancellations is below, with some shows still out in limbo like Agents Of SHIELD and Timeless, once again sending fans into rescue mode. Limited series like Law And Order: True Crime or The X-Files also haven’t been officially renewed, but that could be due to their general nature. There could always be more revivals and stories to tell down the road.

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