‘The Witcher’ Series Reveals A First Look At A Bewigged Henry Cavill As Geralt Of Rivia

Halloween feels like the perfect occasion for a first look at Henry Cavill in costume for The Witcher, and sure enough, Netflix has obliged. Above, you’ll see the streaming service’s take on Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, the loner monster hunter who is struggling to find his place in a world where beasts are generally less wicked than people. The struggle may have indeed been real for this transformation, but Cavill is rocking the hell out of that wig while striding toward the camera and leaving the Man of Steel far behind him.

There’s no telling when we’ll see a trailer for this series, given that The Witcher is currently slated for an ambiguous release date (sometime in 2019). Yet Cavill looks ready to roll (with no friction-causing moustache to be found) for the moment when fate binds him with a powerful sorceress and a princess with a secret. Together, the three shall forge out into the dangerous world, where Cavill has cheekily noted there won’t be a place for a reliable mailing address.

The Witcher will be a series-based adaptation of the best selling fantasy novels revolving around fate and family. This new lead role also gives Cavill a handy opportunity to diversify his career beyond action blockbusters while shrugging off that recent DECU Superman-Batman shakeup. And while it seems like most of Hollywood’s actors are involved in upcoming or current Netflix shows, the fandom following The Witcher book series could give this small-screen effort a serious boost. Here’s Cavill again as Geralt, all brightened up. Spooky.