‘Wonder Woman 2’ Lassos A ‘Narcos’ Star To Join The Sequel’s Growing Cast

Warner Bros.

Precise details on what to expect from Wonder Woman 2 are in relatively short supply, but at least we’re getting a clearer picture of who the DC motion picture is lassoing for the highly anticipated sequel. Earlier this month, Kristen Wiig was officially tapped for the role of Cheetah (hopefully Sarah Paulson has no hard feelings) and now we have another intriguing bit of casting info to get in a tizzy over.

Pedro Pascal, of Narcos, Kingsman 2 and superb Reddit AMA glory, is joining the new film. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news, although this bit of Wonder Woman casting comes without word on who the Game of Thrones alum will play. Director Patty Jenkins has teased “a great love story” among other delights for the Gal Gadot fronted blockbuster. Early word has it Wonder Woman 2 will take place in the ’80s with the Cold War looming over the action. It’s not clear at this stage if Pascal will be a good guy, bad guy or a neutral guy that Diana Prince will have to lug on her back to the sounds of the Pet Shop Boys.

The release date for the sequel has been in flux (you can thank Star Wars: Episode IX for that) but at present, the current target date for Wonder Woman 2 to hit theaters is November 1, 2019. That should be plenty of time for you to gas up your invisible jet.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)