‘Wonder Woman 2’ Plot Details And Characters Raise So Many Questions

Wonder Woman has been having amazing box office results — even setting records along the way — so a sequel is an obvious next step. In May, Zack Snyder revealed that one is in development, while DC head Geoff Johns wouldn’t confirm or deny Snyder’s claim. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was soon confirmed to be working with Johns on an outline for the sequel. Although Jenkins hasn’t officially been announced as the director of Wonder Woman 2, she recently said she’d like the sequel to be “contemporary” and set in America. Now we know what time period is meant by “contemporary,” why Wonder Woman would be in America, and very surprising news about a character planned to be in the sequel.

Spoilers ahead.

Screen Rant reports:

Wonder Woman 2 will be another historical adventure prior to the modern day DCEU. Set during the 1980s, the film will send Diana against the forces of Soviet Union in the closing days of the Cold War. The production team is expected to remain on board for the sequel, with confirmation that Geoff Johns is developing Wonder Woman 2‘s script with Jenkins.

Being set in the 1980s raises questions about Diana’s statement in Batman V Superman that “A hundred years ago I walked away from mankind, from a century of horrors. Men made a world where standing together is impossible.” Perhaps by “walked away from mankind” she was referring to hiding her identity, rather than to ignoring world events. Or perhaps DC has realized what is and isn’t working and know having Wonder Woman kick ass throughout history is a good idea, even if it means contradicting something from another DCEU movie.

We’re thinking it’s the latter, in light of this spoiler about which character Screen Rant claims with return for the sequel:

Chris Pine will be returning, once again acting as Diana’s ally Steve Trevor. Exactly how that’s possible given the conclusion of his story in Wonder Woman… may be the real question moving forward.

That makes no sense chronologically or logically, but it makes truckloads of sense economically. The chemistry between Gadot and Pine would be difficult to recreate. This also reminds us of a rumor from 2015, which claimed Pine would play Steve Trevor and Steve Trevor’s grandfather, both of whom would help her fight Ares. If that’s the case, where did the older Steve Trevor get a kid from? And why is the grandson identical? Is he a clone? Were there extra Chris Pine clones left over? Can we have one?

(Via Screen Rant)