Zendaya Offers Clues On How Her ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Character Has Dealt With The Snap


(Warning: Spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame will be found below.)

Peter Parker swung back into life near the end of Avengers: Endgame, right in time to fight Thanos and his army of silly CGI blobs. The superheros rose victorious, but that success came at the expense of Iron Man’s life. Of course, Tony Stark mentored Parker, so it’s to be expected that Spider-Man: Far From Home will show “the Kid” coming to terms with that loss, and a poster has already suggested that Stark’s presence still looms large. How’s Zendaya’s MJ coping with all of the aftermath, though?

Well, there’s the apparent phenomenon that Parker’s group of high-school friends also got dusted and resurrected, given that the film’s trailers reveal that they’re all about the same age that they were during Homecoming. With that in mind, Zendaya and Tom Holland sat down to speak with Fandango (via Comic Book) about the emotional aftermath of the snap:

“[The Snap] kind of puts our characters in a special place, because now we come back and the world’s kind of changed, and we all have to kind of depend on each other a little bit more, because we’re like the oddballs now. We kind of have to confide in each other with that experience, and that’s cool.

“In the first movie obviously you didn’t get to see much of [MJ], but she was like a very guarded, sarcastic, character and I think you get to see why she has that guard, and slowly watch her melt a little bit.”

In an odd turn of events, Holland doesn’t appear to drop spoilers like he usually does, but he did remark, “I don’t think MJ would even be phased by The Snap. She would go and come back and be like, ‘Oh, cool. I’m going to go read a book.'” Good job, Tom Holland. Watch the full Fandango interview below.

Spider-Man: Far From Home arrives on July 2.

(Via Fandango on YouTube & Comic Book)