Hayley Williams Reflects On The Legacy Of Taylor Hawkins And Paramore’s Connection To Him

Paramore bandleader Hayley Williams recently launched her own podcast called Everything Is Emo. She explained that the show is “meant to feel like a conversation with other fans of the genre, young and (ahem) old. There’s going to be plenty of interaction, which I hope will feel somewhat reminiscent of the message boards and forums I used to frequent as a teenage scene kid.”

On this week’s episode, the “Misery Business” singer discussed the influence that Foo Fighters had on her. This is in the wake of the tragic death of their drummer Taylor Hawkins. She said that Foo Fighters “are a really important band to everyone, the whole world,” continuing, “But such an important band to Paramore. When I first met the guys, there were a few albums that we talked about a lot, that we referenced a lot, Foo Fighters was a band that always came up.”

“A friend that lived in town lent [Paramore drummer Zac Farro] a drum kit – which he ultimately gave to him – and it belonged to Taylor Hawkins first,” she explained. “For our first shows and tours, it’s like we stole a blessing from Taylor Hawkins. It’s like we took it as him saying, ‘Yes, go forth and continue.'”

She added, “I think about Taylor Hawkins a lot when I think about Zac’s playing. I don’t want to center myself or Paramore in the conversation around Taylor Hawkins’ death, but it’s just to say that he meant a lot to so many people and there are so many stories I’m sure we’re yet to hear about him, and things that he’s done for people, ways that he’s touched peoples’ lives.”