Porridge Radio Releases The Fantastic And Fiery New Single ‘The Rip’

Dana Margolin of Brighton’s Porridge Radio famously embraced the moniker of “the best band in the world,” assigned to them by noted British music journalist Everett True. It was a helluva way to make a statement upon the release of their 2020 Mercury Music Prize-nominated breakthrough album, Every Bad. Judge for yourself, but Margolin is undoubtedly an impassioned lyricist and the band crafts lasting post-punk indie rock that flat out shreds. Now as the band gears up for the release of their new album, Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky, out May 20th, their latest single, “The Rip” is very much in step with the brilliance of Every Bad.

A downright electric tune, “The Rip” has rousing guitar distortion and a radical riff into the explosive bridge. Everything keeps building sonically and emotionally as Margolin repeatedly belts, “And now my heart aches! And now my heart aches!”

Margolin said in a statement:

“At the beginning it was a song about a power dynamic where I was in control, by the end it was about one where I had none. My friends always accuse me of making up idioms and using them like they are well known phrases and I think this song is full of those. I love the idea of something being sick at the seams, like it’s disintegrating from its core. I like things that are so simple they are universal. I wanted it to sound like when your heart breaks so badly that your entire body aches. I wanted it to feel like your soul is dropping out of your body.”

Watch the video (which was directed by Margolin’s sister Ella, by the way) above.

Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky is out 5/20 via Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.