British Collective Sault Announced A New Record, ‘NINE,’ That Will Only Be Available For 99 Days

The secretive British music collective, Sault, have announced a new album — but it will only be available for a limited time. The project will be called NINE and it will only be available for listeners to hear for 99 days. The group revealed the setup on Instagram earlier today, elating fans who had been looking forward to new music after the 2020 release of two albums, Untitled (Black Is) and Untitled (Rise), earned them international acclaim.

Their first release of 2020, in particular, fared well in our Uproxx Critic’s Poll last year, and the reflection of the Black experience that the record covered, utilizing funk, R&B, house and other varied forms of electronic production was praised for its resonance during a year that dealt with America’s track record when it comes to racism and white supremacy. This 2021 release, then, is a further extension of the experimental and progressive spirit of the group, truncating the window with which listeners can engage with the work and demanding attention. In 2019 they released the albums Five and Seven, so this new project’s name is a logical progression, though the limited window is new.

On their Instagram, Sault made it clear that while the album would only be available for ninety-nine days, it would also be available for purchase on vinyl. “Nine will only exist for ninety nine days. You can download from Available on vinyl and all streaming platforms,” they wrote.

Another post from a few days prior revealed the album artwork. Before that, their last grid post on the platform was the album cover of Untitled (Rise).

Currently, the Sault website reads “107 days left of Nine,” and simple math indicates that means the record will be released in eight days, a week from tomorrow, on June 25. Keep an eye out for more updates. If you’re unfamiliar with their music, check out a playlist of Untitled (Black Is) tracks above.