The Killers Bring ‘Runaway Horse’ To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ With A Somber Performance

Last winter, The Killers posted a tracklist on Twitter that featured 11 songs as well as the phrase “A-List” scribbled out in a colorful handwritten font. That tweet came six months after the band released their sixth album and it turns out that list would be the very songs present on their seventh album, Pressure Machine.

Throughout the project’s 11 songs, a lone guest appearance from Phoebe Bridgers was made on a track titled “Runaway Horse.” Just a couple of days after The Killers released their seventh album, the group brought their talents to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform that same song. Brandon Flowers and Erica Canales lead the way for the performance as they and the rest of the band sit under dim lighting to complete their set on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Prior to the release of Pressure Machine, Flowers explained the band’s decision to include Bridgers on the album. “We definitely needed a female voice on ‘Runaway Horses,'” he said. “She has a history, I think, with not only that type of music but even in her lineage — her grandpa has rodeo ties. It just felt right.” Flowers added, “It was nice to know that she was also a fan of ours. It just kind of came together naturally. It was fast.”

While Pressure Machine is only two days old, The Killers have already begun the creative process toward their eighth album as they revealed during an interview with NME. “It’s a little bit more canyon rock, maybe a little bit more traditional Killers, I guess,” guitarist Dave Keuning said with drummer Ronnie Vanucci Jr. adding that the music is “a bit heavier and more clench-fisted” than Pressure Machine.

Pressure Machine is out now via Island Records. Get it here.