Here’s Exactly How Much Space Your Favorite Airline Gives You

Life Writer


Legroom and personal space on an airplane are luxuries these days. Airlines are working their hardest to add in more and more seats to the point where some airlines want passengers to stand on flights. Luckily, we do live in 2017 and there are websites out there that are on our side. Seat Maestro is one of those sites and just released a list of some of the airlines with the best seat pitch (legroom) and seat width in economy class.

Jet Blue topped their list since their “cheapest seats offer a pitch range of 32 to 35 inches (on most flights), with some planes offering a pitch between 37 and 41 inches. Seat width on Jet Blue planes typically runs from 17.8 to 18.5 inches.” Virgin Air ranked high on the list as well “with a seat pitch of 32 inches on some airplanes and a roomy 38 inches on others. The seat width on Virgin America flights is typically about 18.7 inches.”

38 inches? La-ti-da, Mr. Famous! For comparison’s sake, Spirit Airlines offers a 28-inch seat pitch for your legs. Also, they embed gravel into the seat backs so that it presses deep into your knees.

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