There’s A Social Media Movement To Support The Brewery Owner Who Helped Stop The Club Q Killing Spree

The hate crime that took place at Club Q in Colorado Springs is yet another of far too many gun-related tragedies this year. The deep horror of the shooting is a lot to deal with. Then there’s the story of the heroes who stopped the deranged gunman from harming even more people. According to reports, bar patron Richard Fierro and an unnamed drag performer, who was performing at the bar, subdued the gunman and stopped him from killing more people that fateful night.

Now, those on social media have taken up the call to support Fierro’s local craft brewery in Colorado Springs.

Fierro co-owns Atrevida Beer Co. with his wife, who’s the head brewer. Various people on Instagram and Twitter have started linking to the brewery’s merch page to help sell out gift cards and merch to support Fierro who tackled the gunman while he was firing into the crowd in the bar and helped kick him into submission with the help of the drag performer and her high heels.

Rushing, tackling, and disarming an armed mass murderer mid-killing spree — while unarmed — is the epitome of a hero and any windfall Fierro makes for his family-owned brewery feels like a win after a horrific tragedy. One in which Fierro’s daughter lost her long-term high-school sweetheart boyfriend to a rain of bullets.

You can support Fierro’s brewery here.