Belgian Beer Has Been Named ‘A Treasure Of Humanity’ — These Pints Prove Why

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12.08.16 4 Comments


We’ve waxed poetic about the brilliance of Belgian beers before. The gentle rolling farmlands of Pajottenland are a must stop destination for any lover of lambics, ales, and gueuze. And Brussels offers nearly endless options to imbibe in some of the best beer the world has to offer.

Well, if you didn’t believe us before, UNESCO just made it official — naming Belgium’s beer culture ‘A Treasure Of Humanity.’ In case you haven’t been following, besides recognizing landmarks that need to be preserved, UNESCO also recognizes cultures from around the world that are wholly unique and easily identifiable to a particular nation. Germany’s knack for volunteering and Korea’s folk singing were also recently honored as treasures. Italy is pushing to get pizza on the list.

Pizza would go well with Belgian beer — a choice that UNESCO further supported by stating that “while the country drinks a wide variety of beer, it’s also famous for cooking with it — making everything from flavorful sauces to beer-washed cheese.”

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