Brew Over Bacon: A Ten Day Test Of The ‘Beer For Breakfast’ Diet

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10.20.16 5 Comments

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“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” We’ve all had that drilled into our heads since childhood. Sadly, it’s likely just consumerist bullsh*t invented in the 1930s by Don Draper types to sell pancakes, bacon and huevos. So what did the average Joe, or Josephine, have for breakfast every morning to kick start the day before Madison Avenue manipulators came down the pike?

F*cking beer, baby! The shot of calories helped my old Northern European ancestors boost their energy for field plowing. And it just might be seeing a resurgence (even Obama is down to give the new-old fad a try). In the pursuit of science, well “Uproxx science” anyway, I decided to be your guinea pig 10 days — drinking one beer for breakfast every morning.

I choose an array of Euro beers, generally under 5% ABV because it was one of my #Lifegoals not to fall over drunk before 8AM.


Zach Johnston

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