The Best US Tourist Attractions, According To The Masses

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Summer is rapidly approaching. That means summer vacations are almost here! Money is being squirreled away. Courses are being plotted. Instagram feeds are being scanned. America is getting ready to hit the road for some much needed r&r. And if last year’s travel reports are any indication, we’re going to travel a lot this summer.

Last year, we took 2.2 billion trips around America. How can you blame us? There’s so much to explore!

Over at Ranker, they asked their user-base to vote on which attractions around this great and varied nation of ours are worth a trip this year. The voting closed today and it’s full of some stone-cold classics — even if some of our favorites didn’t make the top ten.


Ronda Darby, Unsplash

Mount Rushmore beat out the Redwoods for the tenth spot. We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that this mountain was sacred to the Lakota living in the area. The USA government took the Black Hills back after their initial treaty promised it to the Native People. Eventually, the faces of former US presidents were carved into the sacred mountain — one of which carried the nickname The Devourer of Towns, while another carried out a mass extermination.

But still… cool faces!

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