These Countries Have The Best Beaches On Earth, According To The Masses

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Jakob Owens - Unsplash

Summer is almost here! That means it’s time to start planning your next adventure — preferably somewhere hot and fun where people drink cocktails with huge pieces of fruit inside and clothing made of lycra and linen.

To welcome the season, Ranker polled their users to ask a very important question: What country has the best beaches? 14,000 votes later, a top ten emerged from around the world. Even with a few surprising omissions (No Thailand? NO AUSTRALIA? Get it together, Ranker voters!), there are still ten countries worth exploring, with plenty of great spots where the sand meets the sea.

If you’re down for the #BeachLife (is it a thing? We’ll make it a thing!), full of snorkeling, lounging, surfing, and partying, then this list will help you decide where to go next.


France has a lot to choose from — amazing food and drink, a rolling pastoral countryside dotted with idyllic villages, and two coasts worth of beaches. The northern coast is cooler and more dramatic, while the southern coast straddles one of the more beautiful stretches of the Mediterranean.

Check out Hossegor for the surfing and party scene — if you’re into that sort of thing.

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