Celebrate Mexican Cuisine With These Authentic Dishes From Puebla

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05.31.17 10 Comments

Rene Redzepi/Instagram

Forget talk of “food appropriation” — let’s get ultra-authentic. Let’s take a culinary odyssey to Puebla and geek out on food instead of bickering over it. This is the culinary heart of Mexico and many would argue the best food (period) comes from this region. Hell, Puebla City was renowned for its street food well before the Spanish showed up. It’s also where corn has its roots, so you know the tortillas are going to be ridiculous.

Puebla’s food — or Poblano cuisine — is an amalgamation of Pre-Columbian foodways that have married traditions and ingredients from Europe to Asia to create a unique culinary corner of Mexico. Anthony Bourdain famously titled his Cook’s Tour episode about the famed city “Puebla, Where The Cooks Are From.” Puebla also has the honor of being the home to the originals of some of Taco Bell’s classic remixed treats. And if that’s not enough reason to adore Poblano food, it’s one of the three states that lays claim to the invention of the delectable cocoa-chili sauce Mole — which many still call mole poblano.

Let’s dive into what you have to eat when you walk the streets of Puebla this summer.

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