Some Of The Best Insights From The Comments On Our Kooks Burritos Discussion

Life Writer
05.26.17 23 Comments


Commenting on the internet has been referred to as the “trash fire of civilization” by many a lazy comedian. It’s low-hanging fruit because, yeah, internet comments can often lean into the batshit pretty hard. But, you know what? That’s not always the case, certainly not around here. Conversations do happen and oftentimes they can lead to informed and even nuanced sharing about the subject at hand.

We saw that with a recent (and very long) article about the Kooks Burrito food appropriation brouhaha fomenting up in Portland, OR. It’s a risk on the internet to attempt complex discussions about racially/socially/politically charged issues and we were stoked to see people in the food world appreciate the attempt.

Our team has already made our respective cases for and against the very idea of food appropriation. And then our commenters took the mantle and carried that conversation in new directions. Today, we decided to share some of our favorite quotes, to highlight the issue further and give more nuance to the argument of whether food appropriation is a thing and whether the women of Kooks Burritos were participating in it.

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