The Best German Lagers To Drink For This Year’s Oktoberfest

09.20.17 6 months ago 4 Comments


Oktoberfest is raging in Munich right now. It’s a beer and pretzel bacchanal that’s well worth the flight, if you ask us. But if you can’t make it this year and you still want to enjoy some great German beer, then we’ve got your back.

Lagers are what makes Oktoberfest hum — Märzen to be specific. That’s a beer which is brewed in the cool spring months, around March, and then again in the cool fall months, around September. This was to avoid bacterial infections plaguing the beer during the heat of summer. Although we have refrigerators now, the tradition has remained and Märzen lagers are the king of Oktoberfest. However, you won’t only find Märzen beers among the Oktoberfest tents. There are plenty of classic lagers, dark lagers, and hefeweizens to be had.

Below are some of our favorite lagers from Germany to celebrate the harvest festivities. So crack open a bag of pretzels, warm up some cheese sauce, and wash it all down with one of these great beers.

10. BRŁO Helles

Craft beer is a bit of an oxymoron in Germany. A lot of the breweries are still small and family run. So let’s keep the “craft” in the classic sense to a minimum, with this Berlin beer. Brło’s Helles is a Munich style lager with notes of grassy goodness, toasty malts, corn husks, and floral hops that lean towards honey and apple. This a great place to start if you’re interested in Munich lagers and want something that leans more towards modern craft than old-school tradition.

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