The Best Photos From The Opening Weekend Of Oktoberfest

09.18.17 2 years ago 6 Comments


Oktoberfest has officially begun. Last weekend mammoth-sized draught horses pulled old wooden carts from a bygone era through the cobbled streets of Munich to the Theresienwiese — or “Wies’n” if you’re a local. The massive fairground is the home to 15 tents from Bavaria’s major breweries, huge twirling fair rides, bubbling pots of cheese soup and smoking grills of sausages, and a city’s worth of people all there for one thing — to get very drunk on very good beer.

Hitting up Munich for Oktoberfest (always in September by the way) is a rite of passage for wanderlusting backpackers and beer pilgrims alike. There’s just something about getting sloppy drunk with millions of other people at the same time. It’s as fun as everyone raves about. The chickens are perfectly grilled. The pretzels are huge. And the beer really is that delicious.

So let’s jump in a take a look at what we missed in Munich over the opening weekend of Oktoberfest. FYI, the closing weekend is October third. So you still have time to book a last minute ticket over for a Maß or five to wash down one of those huge pretzels.


The beer really is the point of a great Oktoberfest. Augustiner, Löwenbräu, Hacker-Pschorr, Spatenbräu, and Hofbräu all have tents with an endless flow of their freshly made lagers and hefeweizens. Pro-Tip, make a reservation if you’re in a party of over four or face standing in line to get in. And if you’re forced to stand in line, arrive around nine AM to avoid that line. It adds a few extra hours of drinking that won’t disappoint.

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