All The Food And Photos You Missed From This Year’s Oktoberfest

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10.04.16 6 Comments

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Deep in the southern reaches of Germany, pressed up against the foothills of the Alps, sits the city of Munich. For the past two weeks, the normally quiet hamlet has hosted a party like none other — a drunken, joyful bacchanal, which just wrapped up yesterday.

Oktoberfest is one of those things you have to experience at least once in a lifetime, beer drinker or not. Rambling through the Wiesen, or colloquially the Wies’n, a little tipsy, eating a pretzel bigger than your head, and looking for another Maß (liter of beer) is a rite of passage for any wanderlusting traveler.

Obviously, the festival is centered around the breweries local to Bavaria, and beer is clearly important, but we want to shout out the delectable foods also on offer in the tents of the Wies’n. So tighten up those dirndls, embrace the kitsch, and hitch up your lederhosen — because Oktoberfest season might have just ended in Germany, but it’ll be going strong all month here in the states!

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