The Best February Beer Drops, Just In Time For Your Super Bowl Party

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February is a slow month for new beer releases. We’re between the heavy-hitting winter rollouts and the spring refreshers. Still, February is a great month to drink beer. For one, it’s Super Bowl season and that means you’re going to need to stock your fridge this coming Sunday with the best beer (and some easy sippers, too).

Beer in February feels a bit like a make-up month. It’s a chance to drink all those winter warmers you missed out on during the Christmas season while it’s still snowy outside. Big beers are in order to keep you warm and a little tipsy as the snow continues to pile up.

Below, we compiled a short list of some of the best beers being released and hitting markets right now. Some of these are easier to find (with larger distribution); some you’ll have to travel for and do a bit of sleuthing to uncover. Either way, a good beer is always worth the trouble! Happy hunting!


If you’re in Boston this weekend, then we suggest hitting up Samuel Adams’ Tap Room for a special Super Bowl release, Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here. For the rest of the country, if you’re rooting for the Patriots this Sunday, then stock up on some New England IPA from Sam Adams.

The beer is a lush brew with a clear orange citrus and floral essence. There’s a mild bitterness here that never overpowers. The hazy beer is an easy drinker all Super Bowl Sunday.


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Out in Rams territory in the city of (checks notes) Los Angeles, House Beer is brewing a delightful lager. Their Premium Crafter Lager is the perfect beer to stock up on and drink all day this Sunday.

The hints of hops bitterness and lovely maltiness will leave you reaching for another can. Also, the 4.8 percent ABV make this one very quaffable. Throw a case in the garage fridge, you won’t be disappointed come game time.


Heading out to Atlanta for the Super Bowl? A stop at SweetWater Brewing is a must. Before we get to the beer, part of all the proceeds from SweetWater goes to protecting waterways around Georgia. That’s a win.

While you’re there, grab a can or six of Blue. The wheat ale is a light surprise with a blueberry burst. There’s an earthiness to the blueberry fruit that matches wonderfully with the smooth wheat. This a great beer to start the day with.


It’s winter and it’s a de facto American holiday this weekend. That means it’s time to crack open a great bottle of beer you’ve been saving. Our recommendation, make a few calls to your local beer shops and snag a bottle of Alaskan Smoked Porter.

If you can find a vintage older than 2016, expect a complex and satisfying beer. There’ll be a clear salmon-smokehouse-smokiness at play here. There’s a thickness that’s not so much syrupy as it’s just big and bold. You’ll get a sense of hops once gracing the beer, leaving echoes of bitterness. There’s a depth to the smoky malts that just make this one shine. Share it with a friend.


One of the best things about Upslope’s Oatmeal Stout is the ABV. This beer packs a wallop of flavor yet only clocks in at five percent, making it almost a sessionable drink.

There’s a distinct smoothness from the roasted oats and malts here that brings out a dark chocolate flair. There’s a very subtle fruitiness at play too, that anchors a rich caramel sweetness. It’s straight delicious and drinkable all day.


Depending on your team or the prop bets you take part in, there’s a reasonable chance you’re going to be celebrating on Sunday. Instead of popping a cork on a bottle of bubbly, grab a Sierra Nevada Brut IPA.

The beer has a crisp champagne brightness. Then a rush of citrus-forward hop bitterness, making this a great one to celebrate with.


Having a sixer of Voodoo Ranger Liquid Paradise IPA is always a good idea. This beer is complex enough to satisfy the beer snobs and drinkable enough to get beer neophytes into the good stuff.

The beer bursts with aromatic floral notes that lead into deep tropical fruit. It’s big and juicy. There’s still that wonderful hoppy bitterness under all that tropical juice with echoes of honey malts the background. The ABVs are higher here, 7.8 percent, so have a couple and maybe switch over to something a little lighter if you plan on drinking through the whole Super Bowl.


Scottish punks, BrewDog, are brewing up their tasty suds stateside now. That means you don’t have to fret about overseas shipping to sample their goods.

Their Elvis Juice IPA is one of the brightest IPAs out there. There’s a balance here that works wonders. Yes, it’s hoppy but that bitterness ebbs and flows between dank pine and bright grapefruit zest. That’s anchored by a solid foundation of caramel sweet malts which amp up the citrus with every sip. Give it a shot. It’s tasty AF.