Can Taber Nash Bring Handcrafted Passion Back To Motorcycles?

Taber Nash of Nash Motorcycle Company doesn’t need to work with his hands. He owns his own business, which probably creates more than enough administrative headaches to fill his days. But Nash’s heart is in building motorcycles, so that’s exactly what he does.

“I always have this yearning to get back in the shop and just start grinding,” he says. “I set my phones aside and say, ‘Screw the business stuff. I’m going to work on the bike,’ because that’s what it’s all about, and that’s what I love.”

Nash’s passion is on display in this third episode of Human. His dedication to making a quality product from scratch might feel old-school, but his mindset represents a new class of artisans who respect history while charging ever forward. He’s fierce in his devotion to work (and family) and uncompromising in his vision, a craftsman in the truest sense.