The Dude Is Very Excited About This Restaurant’s Bold Pricing Strategy

Food deserts are a real part of life in America’s underserved neighborhoods and communities. Where you live can translate directly into an inability to get good, healthy food. Often these food deserts are found in low-income urban centers where the closest fresh vegetable is a 30 minute drive away.

Recently, chefs and entrepreneurs have stepped in with solutions — harnessing their skills and resources to make good food accessible and affordable to all. Everytable, opening Saturday, has come up with a novel approach to this problem. They’re charging different prices depending on the median income of the neighborhood being served. 

Their most expensive meal is a carry out jerked chicken bowl loaded with fruit, rice, veggies, and beans that will cost $4.50 at their new South Los Angeles location. That’s in a neighborhood where the median income is $20,000 per year or less. Just two miles away, at their Downtown Los Angeles location, the exact same bowl will cost $8.95.

Sam Polk, co-founder of Everytable, points out that the costs are not meant to subsidize one another, “because each store is designed to be individually profitable.” The restaurant is just weighting the costs differently — counting on a low-cost, low-rent, high volume approach in one location and a higher-cost, higher-rent, lower volume approach at another.

Allowing people access to healthy, inexpensive, and fast food sounds like a no brainer. Which must be why the the Dude is on board.

(Via The New York Times)