Meet The Pro Surfer / Artist Who Enthusiastically Embraces The Road Less Traveled

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Felicity Palmateer is not the type to live her life in fear. She exudes a spirit of bravery — whether that means pursuing a career as an artist, or facing off with colossal waves. The multi-talented 22-year-old doesn’t hesitate to share her secret, either.

“Just being in the moment,” she says. “Not thinking about the future, just slowing everything down and trying to not put too much pressure on myself.”

It’s a very Zen approach and one that’s worked wonders for the Australian lifestyle artist. Surely, it was this sort of self talk that helped prepare her for a day at ‘Cow Bombie’ — one of the most intimidating slabs of ocean on the planet. Last year, Palmateer became the first woman to ride the wave when it was truly firing, with swells measuring roughly 22 feet.

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