You Can Book A Flight To Paris Right Now For 99 Dollars


A few weeks ago we published The Definitive Guide To Finding Cheap Flights On The Web and already the Uproxx staff and a number of readers have shared stories of the money they saved (shared stories, it would be better if they shared some of the cash).

The guide makes a point of shouting out “error fare” sites like Secret Flying and The Flight Deal. We love those sites because not only do they save you a ton of money, but they also create the sort of urgency and spontaneity that travel is all about. Oftentimes deals expire within hours.

This afternoon, both Secret Flying and The Flight Deal published a fare on WOW Air flights for $99.00 to Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Dublin from Baltimore or Boston. Assuming you don’t live in one of those departure hubs, with this sort of lead time you should be able to get there pretty cheaply.

The prevailing thought on these sort of deals is often “it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth” but that all depends on how much money you have and how badly you want to save it. The flight to Paris from Baltimore or Boston, for example is $99 after all taxes and fees. Return will cost you more, but not a crazy amount. All told, you’ll have a roundtrip ticket for somewhere in the $350-400 range. You can do the math depending on where you live, but for someone trying to get to Europe on a budget, that’s a great opportunity to snatch up a deal.

If you really want to play with fire, just buy the outgoing flight now and wait to see if the return flights go on sale.


No stopovers permitted.

WOW charges for luggage and for a second personal item. Be warned and travel light.

Uproxx received no compensation for publishing this post — we just want to score you a cheap ticket.