This Texas Trio Hand Crafts Classic Leather Goods For True Adventurers

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06.05.17 2 Comments

Cousins, Guy Rubio, Falcon Craft, and Christian Craft started a leather and canvas goods shop without ever having made leather wallets or canvas bags before. Guy Rubio had an idea for a sort of online leather mercantile. He called up his cousins and they dug his idea. Then the trio hunkered down and taught themselves a whole host of brand new skills. Six years later, and they have a going concern — leather goods for the globetrotting adventurer, called Bexar Goods.

Before we go too far, let’s talk about the name. For us non-Texans, Bexar (pronounced just like Bear) is the name of the country where their leather and canvas shop is located in San Antonio. Back when Texas was under Mexican rule, it was spelled Bejar. That was bastardized when English speakers took over.

Like the name of his brand, Guy Rubio has also shifted from his original state. He was a field geologist but always found himself drawn to leather goods. During his scientist days, Rubio spent a lot of time on the road and he always carried a leather satchel with him.

“You know world travel and leather they just go together,” Rubio explains. “I needed a field bag and kind of thought I could make one myself out of leather.”

Rubio put together a new bag on his own. He showed it to his cousin Christian Craft and they got the crazy idea to start a company based on what Rubio now calls a “pretty poorly made” bag. But it was that bag that sparked an idea that Rubio and Craft couldn’t get out of their heads. Even though Rubio is no longer impressed with that first prototype he knew leather was the right move.

“For us, there’s something just so romantic about leather,” he says, “how it ages and just everything that you can do with it.”

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