This Mural Painted With Blood Seeks To Heal Our Nation’s Wounds

Managing Editor, Life
01.20.17 3 Comments

Art has always been a way to “speak truth to power.” It’s the voice of the dissenters and rabble rousers. The language of non-compliance. Art is how we rebel, how we spark change, how we launch ideological shifts.

As such, art and politics have always been intertwined and this year is no different. President Donald Trump’s statements about Muslims, Mexican immigrants, and women have sparked resistance by artists and rabble rousers across the nation. We’ve seen it in everything from incendiary installations to optimistic protest posters.

But for art to work, for it to matter, it has to start conversation. And that’s the precise objective of a recent collaboration between artist collective Indecline and painter Illma Gore.

“We were coming out of our polarizing election and looking at the divisiveness and anger,” says an Indecline spokeperson [ the group remains completely anonymous], “asking, ‘How do we start to close that chasm that’s been created?'”


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