This Chef Started A Restaurant In His Dorm, Now He’s Poised For Culinary Stardom

09.06.16 2 years ago

Lauren Dunn

Jonah Reider is part chef, part improviser, part magician, and part kid-on-street-just-looking-to-make-it. Last year, Reider wanted to feed a few of his buddies at Columbia, so he started a restaurant in his dorm room. The story snatched headlines — now the young cook has a web series on the way, and is prepping for a residency at Chicago’s lauded Intro.

Reider joins the culinary world’s long tradition of bold innovators — after all, how many of us thought to do a $15 per plate pop-up in our cramped campus kitchens? That’s how good cooks make it in 2016, f*ck waiting for brick and mortar or the approval of the gatekeepers. Just do the thing.

This week, we chatted about culinary simplicity, getting weird with quince, and where to eat in NYC.

Gaul Porat

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