Killer Mike And Bernie Sanders Serve As A Model For Communication Across The Generation Gap

01.27.16 2 years ago 5 Comments
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Have you seen this video? I mean, you’ve probably heard of it. And you’ve almost certainly seen the photo that came after — with the interviewer and interviewee tucking into some soul food. But have you slowed down enough to watch Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders talk?

If you’re interested in politics or race in America or where our country is headed, it’s worth a watch. From the outset, Killer Mike proves to be a fantastic interviewer. He isn’t just there to absorb; his questions come out of his own unique thought processes and experiences. Sanders obviously feels very comfortable — getting interviewed by someone who’s already publicly endorsed you is as close to a home game as a politician can get. He responds by operating at peak Bernie Sanders levels (almost veering into Larry David doing Bernie Sanders). Love him or hate him, this is “the Bern.”

Okay, so you’ve got it. Politician and rapper. Cool, cool. Keep watching, though — something really interesting happens. It’s hard to notice, because it comes on gradually, but it’s very much in evidence: They are enjoying each other’s company. Mike genuinely likes Bernie. Bernie genuinely likes Mike. Which is particularly interesting because it’s spanning a pretty substantial age gap: 40-year-old Killer Mike and 74-year-old Bernie Sanders come from different worlds, and here they are connecting.

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