LeBron James Is Sure To Cosign These Angel Hair Pasta Recipes

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Yesterday LeBron James dropped a brief, yet concise food rant on the world with a single tweet about angel hair pasta. James was replying to a tweet by Cuffsthelegend decrying angel hair being used in his “spaghetti.” Beyond the fact that spaghetti is a pasta that can be sauced in a million different ways, angel hair is a bit of a temperamental noodle choice — so… fair enough.

King James cosigned the tweet by throwing all angel hair pasta under the bus for being too “soupy” when used in “spaghetti” (we assume he means a bolognese, and in that case, he’s right — a good bol needs a thicker noodle for sauce absorbtion).

Angel hair — capelli d’angelo in Italy — is a fine pasta that needs a deft hand and light touch. It’s easily overcooked due to the tininess of its diameter. It’s easily over-sauced, too (see: LeBron’s “soupy” complaint). Which is why heavy sauces like Bolognese or Carbonara should be avoided, mostly.

Simple sauces will win the day here: Add a small tablespoon of Pomodoro (tomato) sauce to a pan, toss the angel hair in it, roll on a serving fork onto a plate, shave some parmesan over the top, and garnish with fresh Genovese basil, extra virgin olive oil, and coarse sea salt. Done and dope! We really need to hire LeBron a new chef! #LeBronJamesNeedsANewChef #MePlease?

Anyway, we thought we’d tempt LeBron with a few angel hair pasta dishes that transcend the over-saucing travesty that makes for a “soupy” plate of noodles. Oh, and we threw an actual soup in just for good measure. Mr. James, we ask that you give angel hair at least one more try.

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