This Fire Department Tweet Will Make You Rethink Which ‘Life Hacks’ You Try

Editorial Director, Life
11.23.15 8 Comments

Those life-hack lists are fun, right? You can breeze through 20 clever ideas in just a few minutes, maybe making a mental note to try one or two. Next thing you know, all your cables are organized with binder clips, your keys are color-coded with nail polish, and you’ve got pre-mixed pancake batter in an old Heinz bottle. Life solved!

Except that sometimes these hacks are much better in theory than in practice — as in the case of the old “turn your toaster sideways to make a cheese on toast” move (endorsed in a Guardian column by Jamie Oliver). Here’s an idea that makes sense: You’re essentially turning the toaster’s heating coils into a Salamander broiler.

But there’s a pretty obvious problem — anyone who has ever used a toaster knows that toasters suck at being hacked. They are shockingly cheap because the technology is insanely simple, but they’re also only really able to handle one job: toasting bread.

Most toasters can barely manage a bagel, so putting the thing on its side and expecting it to operate as normal is absurd. As life hackers are beginning to discover…

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