We Tried Jack In The Box’s New Red Bull Infusions — Here’s The Verdict

I’m not sure who was asking for Jack in the Box to drop new Red Bull Energy-enhanced beverages, but… they’re doing it. Well, who are we to complain? The only good thing to come out of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine (that crazy fountain machine that allows you to select 99+ different flavor variations) is that it allows you to have interesting flavor infusions that the big brands have never thought to give us like Vanilla Sprite or Cherry Root Beer. And yet Jack in the Box seems to be the only fast food chain taking advantage of this newfound flexibility, offering up curated flavor combinations every few months.

The latest offering is the aforementioned Red Bull infusions, which include two flavor variations, Red Daze and Berry Purple Daze, consisting of a mix of fruit flavors and your choice of classic or sugar-free Red Bull. Nothing says lunchtime like some greasy food and a caffeine and taurine-boosted beverage that’ll get your heart pumping! But before you get all amped up on Jack in the Box, you’re probably wondering if these new infusions — which are available at Jack in the Box restaurants nationwide for a limited time — are any good?

We’re here to find out by subjecting our mind and body to the new drinks. Let’s get wild!

Red Daze/ Berry Purple Daze Red Bull Infusions

Red Bull
Dane Rivera

For this tasting, I opted for Classic Red Bull as the base for my infusions since classic and sugar-free Red Bull is essentially identical in flavor. I thought about getting all four to see if I could pick up on any differences, but I don’t want my heart to beat out of my chest, so I didn’t.

If you love the taste of Red Bull you’re in luck, because that same crispy, sweet, and slightly dry flavor that is characteristic of the brand is the dominating flavor note here, with the fruity infusions acting as a subtle twist, rather than the main focus, despite what their vibrant colors might suggest. The strawberry-tinged Red Daze features bright fruity notes that serve as a nice compliment to the typical Red Bull flavor, but of the two I think the Berry Purple Daze is the better flavor.

Red Bull
Dane Rivera

Don’t let its dark and deathly color dissuade you, the mix of grape and berry notes really adds a whole other dimension to the flavor of Red Bull. This one comes across as much more balanced in flavor, infusing rich dark berry tones to the base flavor that tantalize the tastebuds and make this dark and moody brew incredibly addicting.

I don’t think I’ve ever downed a Red Bull as fast as the Berry Purple Daze.

The Bottom Line

Nobody asked for or needs the Red and Berry Purple Daze Red Bull infusions, but it’s still a great drink option if you’re looking for something with a stronger kick than a Coke. If you’re curious, go ahead and satiate the curiosity, because it’s worth it.

Find your nearest Jack in the Box here.