Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With These Classic Irish Dishes


Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Rivers and beer will be turned green around the USA. Street parties will break out from Chicago to Cork. Typically, St. Patrick’s Day in the US focuses on Irish mainstays Guinness and Jameson — people are eager to get tipsy on the old country’s tipple. But this year I wanted to go a little bit deeper and dig into some of the real Irish food to celebrate the holiday. I dropped into the English language bookshop in Berlin — where the owner just so happens to be from Cork — and we had a chat about what foods you can’t miss out on if you want to celebrate all things Irish.

My first query was about corned beef and cabbage and I quickly learned that that’s Irish American, not Irish (the Irish equivalent is bacon and cabbage and the bacon is more like a ham). Hey, the more you know, right?

Let’s jump straight in to some can’t miss Irish foods.