This Airline Might Be Taking First Class A Little Too Seriously With Private Suites

Getting on a plane often means cramming yourself into a pretty hard seat and hoping for deliverance. It’s not exactly a great time. No one, ever, has said, “Hey! Let’s get to our economy seat. It’s going to be a blast!” It’s just a place you plant yourself for a few hours to get somewhere, hopefully, dope. Then something magical happens. You start collecting enough miles or enough cash from work and life and you get to fly first class for the first time. A whole new world of luxury and comfort is suddenly available to you that seems almost impossible to achieve at 35,000 feet. All those bad flights back in the cattle car fade away as the bubbles from a $200 bottle of champers fill your head.

Singapore Airlines just set the bar insanely high for flying first class with new suites. Yes, you read that right. They have legit suites on their new Airbus A380 double-decker planes in place of first class seats or pods. The suites can be a single space with a twin bed, swivel chair, desk, and TV. Or you can double up with whoever you’re flying with to create a queen size bed and proper room on the plane. This may be the most baller way to fly — if you have to fly commercial that is.

Of course, there are also crazy perks alongside the suite. The menu was created by a team of chefs that source food locally according to where you’re flying from. There’s a rad bathroom. They give you posh pajamas and slippers. It’s kind of like a boutique hotel experience in the sky. The only thing missing is a spa.

We know flying in this sort of luxury may always stay an allusive fantasy akin to becoming the actual “Most Interesting Man in the World.” But, there are ways. Sign up for a loyalty program (Singapore Airlines is partnered with United) and start earning those points. Earn enough and you just might be able to score a free upgrade. Score that free upgrade and then you can sleep in the literal lap of luxury on that next 15-hour flight you take.