Soylent Was At SXSW With The GZA And Some Extremely Suspect BBQ Sauce

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Yes, that’s a Soylent-based BBQ sauce being poured over perfectly good Texas BBQ at a SXSW event. Soylent fancies itself the meal replacement drink of the future for all humanity. It’s like Ensure, but marketed towards hipster millennials. Each serving contains all the nutrients of an entire meal.

Now they want us to put it on a full plate of BBQ to add that quintessential Soylent flavor. Double meal? And we thought we only had to worry about the Large Hadron Collider possibly creating a black hole that will snuff the solar system from existence.

Soylent probably thought the highlight of their SXSW event would be a set by rap legend GZA. Turns out that as much as we all love GZA, Soylent’s BBQ sauce is getting all the attention.

The company has sparked some serious hate (people take BBQ very, very seriously). It’s probably a safe bet to say this Texan speaks for us all.

Which, hyperbole aside, you have to wonder what their endgame is here. Are they about to roll out endless products spiked with Soylent as a sort of reinvention after all of the misery they caused last year?

Just last October Soylent had to recall a slew of products for making people very ill. That turned out to be caused be the algae they were using, according to the PR team. So they stopped using that algae. That didn’t help the reports that their warehouse has been infested with rats and molds in the past due to poor standards. It’s hard to say if toying with a beloved condiment was the right move to start repairing their public image. Maybe they should have started by Frankenstein-ing some ketchup first — people seem to have fallen out of love with that one anyway.

Soylent’s SXSW party also included a full bar with Soylent based cocktails because, of course. We’re staring to think they want to sneak their flavored drinks into all sorts of different F&B options to get us used to it, or even hooked on it. After all Silicon Valley’s elite still love Soylent. It’s efficient! It has simple logos! Plus they all seem hellbent on turning us into cyborg slaves to AI — so it tracks that they’d want to destroy our humanity by ruining one of things that makes us most human, our food.

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(Via Buzzfeed)