Soylent Was At SXSW With The GZA And Some Extremely Suspect BBQ Sauce

Life Writer

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Yes, that’s a Soylent-based BBQ sauce being poured over perfectly good Texas BBQ at a SXSW event. Soylent fancies itself the meal replacement drink of the future for all humanity. It’s like Ensure, but marketed towards hipster millennials. Each serving contains all the nutrients of an entire meal.

Now they want us to put it on a full plate of BBQ to add that quintessential Soylent flavor. Double meal? And we thought we only had to worry about the Large Hadron Collider possibly creating a black hole that will snuff the solar system from existence.

Soylent probably thought the highlight of their SXSW event would be a set by rap legend GZA. Turns out that as much as we all love GZA, Soylent’s BBQ sauce is getting all the attention.

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