The ‘Starbucks Armed Forces Network’ Spits Fire At Conservatives Who Used Them As A Political Prop

Life Writer
02.03.17 8 Comments

This week, Starbucks announced they’d be creating a refugee program to hire 10,000 new employees. In most cases a huge company that can expand that much and hire so many new workers (in the U.S.!) would have been celebrated. But because those new employees were going to be refugees fleeing from war, the announcement was met with knee jerk (emphasis on jerk) reactions from ultra-conservatives. #BoycottStarbucks was born almost immediately calling for Starbucks to hire 10,000 U.S. military veterans instead.

A noble idea even if it is rooted in racism, jingoism, xenophobia, fear, Skittles. In fact, it’s so noble that Starbucks already did it! The company set out in November of 2013 to start hiring veteran’s and military spouses as the US military involvement overseas declined rapidly. As of now, they’ve hired 8,800 veterans and spouses and are on track to hire 10,000 well before their intended 2018 goal.

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