A Fed-Up Chef Butchered A Deer By The Window As Vegans Protested His Restaurant

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03.28.18 48 Comments

Antler Kitchen & Bar

There’s been a protest brewing in up in polite old Canada. It’s over a chef who serves game at a restaurant called Antler Kitchen & Bar, in Toronto. The whole kerfuffle started with a simple joke between two neighboring restaurants, written on a chalkboard outside of Antler. The line read “Venison is the new kale.”

The joke was spotted by vegan activist and professional dog walker Marni Ugar. She was enraged by the sign and responded with months of protests outside Antler.

The target of Ugar’s ire was Michael Hunter — a star chef at Reds Wine Tavern in Toronto who opened Antler with business partner Jody Shapiro because he felt creatively bankrupt and disconnected from the ingredients of Canada that he’d grown up with. At Antler, Chef Hunter focuses on foraging for local ingredients that grow in Ontario. Hunter’s second foundational aspiration was distancing Antler from the horrifically detrimental factory farming industry. So he serves free-range game (health codes prohibit restaurants from serving wild game).

Hunter even jokes that he tried serving chicken and fish, but everyone loved the game more. So he’s 86’d the chicken and focused exclusively on serving game and foraged foods.

Marni Ugar’s original protest was small — just seven people — but it got plenty of attention, with participants chanting that Chef Hunter was “a murderer.”

Hunter responded by offering vegan dishes as an olive branch to the protesters. This failed to placate the protesting vegans and they carried on protesting throughout the winter. Ugar made it clear in Toronto’s The Globe and Mail that “the goal always is for a restaurant to go fully vegan.” According to Hunter, the continued protests were driving away customers and thereby poisoning his livelihood.

Last Friday the situation reached a boiling point. Chef Hunter decided to take a venison leg into his restaurant’s front window and break it down in front of the persistent vegan protestors who were holding up a huge “Murder” banner in front of his restaurant. The cops were called and the Canadian press caught wind of the situation.

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