Here’s How The Vote To End Visa-Free Travel Will Affect Your Next Trip To Europe

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03.03.17 7 Comments

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Yesterday a committee in the European Parliament conducted a vote on whether or not to rescind United States citizens’ ability to travel to the EURO zone visa-free. They voted to rescind — a blow to free movement. This set in motion the European Commission’s ability to have that option on the table in future negotiations. The issue they have with the United States is that we insist on EU citizens from Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania obtaining visas before travel to the United States.

The EU first put the US on notice over this unbalanced issue in April 2014. And now it seems they’ve had enough. So if the United States doesn’t add the aforementioned EU countries to their visa waiver program — a scheme that the other 23 EU member states already enjoy — they will start the two year process that will force US citizens traveling to Europe to apply for a visa first.

So what does these mean for your travel plans? Not much at the moment. Even if talks don’t go well — and let’s be honest, they are likely not to given the current travel attitudes of the man sitting in the White House — there’s still going to be a two year implementation process.

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