An Arizona Restaurant Is Shutting Down Just Days After A Pro-Trump Facebook Post Because Of The Backlash

10.13.17 8 months ago 51 Comments


Political tempers seems to be at an all-time high. Tensions are raging, as people dig deeper into their political foxholes and heave salvos of left or right leaning rhetoric at one another. There’s so much bickering that most of it often gets lost in the ether. We’re betting that the owners of the Cup It Up American Grill in Tucson, Arizona, wish their political message ended up in that ether too.

Well, it didn’t. And, now, their business is destroyed.

Restaurant’s owners Christopher Smith and Jay Warren posted their political leanings on their establishment’s Facebook page last Friday. It was a laundry list citing their support for Donald Trump, standing for national anthems, repealing Obamacare, and less government. The post continued by denouncing those who disrespect Trump, the belief in global warming, big government, and celebrities and late night hosts having political opinions. Here’s the whole post:


There’s really not anything in there we all haven’t heard before at Thanksgiving tables, backyard barbecues, office parties, conservative media, and literally everywhere on social media. That didn’t stop the swift reaction of people on Facebook calling out the owners of the Cup It Up American Grill for their tactical error. Within three hours the restaurant had so many complaints, they removed their post from Facebook. By the next day, the restaurant was receiving so many complaints they straight up deleted all their social media accounts and, amazingly, several employees quit due to the endless phone call complaints.




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