The Democratic Memo Responding To Devin Nunes’ Claims Has Been Released With Significant Redactions

02.24.18 11 hours ago 8 Comments

A Judge Has Dismissed A Coal Magnate’s Lawsuit Against John Oliver And HBO

02.24.18 12 hours ago 2 Comments

The U.N. Security Council Has Unanimously Passed A Syria Ceasefire Resolution

02.24.18 13 hours ago 4 Comments

Many Are Calling For NRAtv To Be Removed From Amazon Prime, Apple TV, And Google Chromecast

02.24.18 16 hours ago 8 Comments

Jake Tapper Responds To The Criticism Against CNN’s Florida Town Hall: ‘This Is So Dishonest’

02.24.18 16 hours ago 18 Comments

Ivanka Trump Says ‘Maximum Pressure’ Should Be Used On North Korea

02.24.18 18 hours ago 3 Comments

‘The Daily Show’ Praises The Parkland Survivors For ‘Using Their Privilege’ To Enact Change

02.24.18 19 hours ago 2 Comments

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Responds To A CPAC Official’s ‘Painfully Stupid’ Comment About His Race

02.24.18 20 hours ago

A CDC Employee Who Went Home Sick Has Been Missing For Eleven Days

02.23.18 1 day ago 9 Comments

Cardi B Is Not Down With Arming Teachers With Guns

02.23.18 1 day ago 14 Comments

Deputy AG Rosenstein Alerted The White House About Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance Two Weeks Ago

02.23.18 1 day ago

Four Sheriff’s Deputies Reportedly Took Cover Outside During The Florida High School Shooting

02.23.18 1 day ago 2 Comments

The White House Briefly Went On Lockdown After A Vehicle ‘Intentionally’ Rammed A Security Barricade

02.23.18 2 days ago 4 Comments

The U.S. Will Impose The ‘Heaviest Sanctions Ever’ On North Korea

02.23.18 2 days ago 7 Comments

Former Dolphins Lineman Jonathan Martin Is In Custody After A Disturbing Instagram Post With A Gun

02.23.18 2 days ago 9 Comments

Ethan Kath’s Lawsuit Against Former Crystal Castles Bandmate Alice Glass Has Been Dismissed

02.23.18 2 days ago

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Calls For Outlawing Bump Stocks And Raising The Minimum Age For Gun Sales

02.23.18 2 days ago 5 Comments

A Running List Of All The Companies Currently Disassociating Themselves From The NRA

02.23.18 2 days ago 12 Comments