Syracuse University Has Suspended 18 Theta Tau Members After A Second Offensive Video Surfaced

04.23.18 3 hours ago 4 Comments

A Van Has Plowed Into Pedestrians In Toronto, Killing At Least 9 People

04.23.18 4 hours ago 5 Comments

Travis Reinking, The Waffle House Shooting Suspect, Has Been Arrested By Police

04.23.18 5 hours ago 5 Comments

Georgia Bus Drivers Joined The School Uprising, And Paid A Price

04.23.18 5 hours ago

The Arrival Of The Royal Baby Was Met With Plenty Of Jokes On The Internet

04.23.18 7 hours ago

Waffle House Hero James Shaw Has Launched A Fundraiser For Families Of The Attack’s Victims

04.23.18 7 hours ago 4 Comments

A Cambridge Analytica Researcher Tries To Defend His Harvesting Of Facebook Data As ‘Normal Business Practice’

04.23.18 8 hours ago

A Man Was Tasered On An American Airlines Flight After He Allegedly Assaulted A Female Passenger

04.23.18 8 hours ago

A Man Fined For A Hate Crime By Filming His Pug Doing Nazi Salutes Has Triggered A Free Speech Debate

04.23.18 9 hours ago 2 Comments

South Korea Has Stopped Broadcasting Propaganda And K-Pop At North Korea In The DMZ, For Now

04.23.18 9 hours ago

The Sole Surviving Paris Attacks Suspect Will Be Jailed For 20 Years Over His Shootout With Police

04.23.18 9 hours ago

Twitter Users Weren’t Impressed Much With Shania Twain’s Apology

04.23.18 12 hours ago 4 Comments

Shania Twain Says She Would Have Voted For Trump In The 2016 Election

04.22.18 23 hours ago 3 Comments

Nashville Waffle House Hero James Shaw Explains How He Wrestled Away An AR-15 From The Gunman

04.22.18 1 day ago 10 Comments

A Naked Gunman Opened Fire In A Nashville Waffle House, Killing At Least 4 People

04.22.18 1 day ago 9 Comments

Nabi Tajima, The World’s Oldest Person, Has Died At 117 Years Old

04.21.18 2 days ago 11 Comments

Thanks To Sylvester Stallone, Trump May Posthumously Pardon Trailblazing Boxer Jack Johnson

04.21.18 2 days ago 4 Comments

North Korea Claims It Will Suspend All Nuclear And Missile Tests Ahead Of Next Week’s Inter-Korean Summit

04.20.18 3 days ago 4 Comments