Thanks To Sylvester Stallone, Trump May Posthumously Pardon Trailblazing Boxer Jack Johnson

04.21.18 2 hours ago

North Korea Claims It Will Suspend All Nuclear And Missile Tests Ahead Of Next Week’s Inter-Korean Summit

04.20.18 1 day ago 3 Comments

All Romaine Lettuce Should Be Tossed Out Thanks To A Massive E. Coli Outbreak, According To The CDC

04.20.18 1 day ago

‘Smallville’ Actress Allison Mack Was Arrested For Her Involvement With An Alleged ‘Sex Cult’

04.20.18 1 day ago

There’s Real Evidence That Legalizing Pot Can Reduce Drinking

04.20.18 1 day ago

Federal Civil Rights Prosecutors Have Recommended Charges In The 2014 Death Of Eric Garner

04.20.18 1 day ago 2 Comments

The Democratic Party Sues Russia, The Trump Campaign, And WikiLeaks Over Alleged Election Interference

04.20.18 1 day ago 25 Comments

The Suspended Syracuse University Frat Claims Their Racist Video Was Only A ‘Satirical Sketch’

04.20.18 1 day ago 4 Comments

Thousands Of Students Staged A National School Walkout On The Anniversary Of The Columbine Massacre

04.20.18 1 day ago 5 Comments

Newly Uncovered Audio Reveals Trump Using His ‘John Barron’ Alter Ego To Lie His Way Into The ‘Forbes’ 400 List

04.20.18 1 day ago 4 Comments

A High School Shooting In Florida Has Left One Student Injured And A Suspect In Custody

04.20.18 1 day ago 3 Comments

Parkland Students Are Rallying With Columbine Survivors On The 19th Anniversary Of The Massacre

04.20.18 2 days ago 3 Comments

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Plans To Introduce A Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana

04.19.18 2 days ago 18 Comments

Rudy Giuliani Is Joining Trump’s Legal Team To ‘Negotiate An End’ To The Mueller Probe

04.19.18 2 days ago 3 Comments

An FDA Panel Has Backed A Marijuana-Based Drug To Treat Childhood Seizures

04.19.18 2 days ago

Barack Obama Wrote A Touching Tribute To The Parkland Students For The ‘Time’ Most Influential List

04.19.18 2 days ago 6 Comments

A Texas School Is Under Fire For Asking Students To List The Pros And Cons Of Slavery

04.19.18 2 days ago 12 Comments

Chris Christie Is Sticking New Jersey Taxpayers With $85,000 For His Official Portrait

04.19.18 2 days ago