Chick-Fil-A Donated $1.8 Million To Organizations Some Consider Anti-LGBTQ As Recently As 2017

03.22.19 14 hours ago

Hillary Clinton And AOC Joined Forces To Dunk On Jared Kushner’s Use Of WhatsApp

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Donald Trump Reportedly Hit Himself In The Head With A Golf Club Then Blamed His Caddy

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Some Texas Residents Are Being Told To Stay Inside Due To A Cancer-Causing Chemical In The Air

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New Zealand Is Offering Americans A Masterclass On How To Deal With A Mass-Shooting Tragedy

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Donald Trump Got Dragged Online For Saying He Deserved Credit For John McCain’s Funeral

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Congressman Devin Nunes’ Attempt To Sue A Parody Twitter Account Has Only Helped It Explode In Popularity

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The President Retweeted A Two-Year Old, Context-Less TSA Pat Down Video, Stoking Hysteria

03.20.19 3 days ago

Trump Is Escalating His Attack On Kellyanne Conway’s Husband, Rage-Tweeting That He’s A ‘Stone Cold LOSER And Husband From Hell’

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Prosecutors Reportedly Offered Robert Kraft A Deal To Drop Soliciting Prostitution Charges

03.19.19 4 days ago

All The People Currently Running For President And What They Believe

03.19.19 4 days ago 2 Comments

Jack The Ripper May Have Been Identified, According To New DNA Tests

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Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Is Making The Case That Trump Is Seriously Losing His Mind

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Donald Trump Went On A Tweetstorm Basically Telling Fox News How To Run Their Network

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Dean Cain Is Getting Dragged Online After Saying He’d Have Beat Up The Eggboy

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Trump Threatens ‘SNL’ With An Investigation Over A Rerun That He Previously Threatened Them Over

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Five Separate Shootings Have Occurred During This Year’s SXSW Festival In Austin

03.17.19 6 days ago

Presidential Candidate Pete ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg Penned A Touching Letter To Muslims In His City After The New Zealand Mass Shooting

03.16.19 7 days ago