Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Plans To Introduce A Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana

04.19.18 6 hours ago 9 Comments

Rudy Giuliani Is Joining Trump’s Legal Team To ‘Negotiate An End’ To The Mueller Probe

04.19.18 7 hours ago 2 Comments

An FDA Panel Has Backed A Marijuana-Based Drug To Treat Childhood Seizures

04.19.18 8 hours ago

Barack Obama Wrote A Touching Tribute To The Parkland Students For The ‘Time’ Most Influential List

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A Texas School Is Under Fire For Asking Students To List The Pros And Cons Of Slavery

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Chris Christie Is Sticking New Jersey Taxpayers With $85,000 For His Official Portrait

04.19.18 10 hours ago

The Philly Police Commissioner Admits That He ‘Failed Miserably’ While Addressing The Starbucks Arrests

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Syracuse University Has Suspended A Fraternity Over An ‘Extremely Racist’ Initiation Video

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The Average American Swears Their First Curse Word Before 11 A.M., According To A New Study

04.19.18 11 hours ago

A New York Farmer Says ICE Raided His Home And Cuffed Him Without A Warrant

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Alex Jones Insists The Sandy Hook Parents’ Defamation Lawsuit Is Actually Defaming Him

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Ted Cruz Praised Trump For The ‘Time’ Most Influential List, And People Are Conjuring Up The Past

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North Korea Is Willing To Accept ‘Complete Denuclearization,’ Says South Korea’s President

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The Men Arrested At A Philly Starbucks Break Their Silence: This ‘Has Been Going On For Years’

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Southwest Pilot Tammie Jo Shults Speaks Out: ‘We Were Simply Doing Our Jobs’

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Former Playboy Model Karen McDougal Is Now Free To Discuss Her Alleged Trump Affair

04.18.18 1 day ago

Dick’s Sporting Goods Will Destroy The Assault Rifles It Has Not Sold

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Southwest Airlines’ Week Of Bad Luck Continues After Birds Force A Flight To Make An Emergency Landing

04.18.18 1 day ago