The Opening Of The Country’s Longest Urban Hiking Trail Reminds Us All To Get Outside More

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06.07.16 4 Comments

There’s an ancient Korean proverb: “Shin to bul ee.” This translates to body and soil are one. We all need a little more nature in our lives. We all need to get away from the daily grind. We all need a little more fresh air.

Re-connecting with nature while living in an urban environment is an important part of your life. If it isn’t, then you might want to make it one. A study at the University of Washington concluded that the constant stimuli of city life is mentally exhausting. From the same paper:

Substantial research shows that natural scenes evoke positive emotions, facilitate cognitive functioning, and promote recovery from mental fatigue for people who are in good mental health. The experience of nature can also provide respite for those who experience short-term and chronic mental illness.

That’s good news for all of us. The study cites that spending time in nature has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s and Dementia in the elderly, ADD in children, and chronic stress and depression in adults. It’s also proven to make you more cognitive when you get back to work. Basically, we need to slow down every now and then.

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