Photos From A Day In The Life Of The Venice Boardwalk

The streets are alive. Not just with the sound of music (deep cut Rodgers & Hammerstein reference), but with the sound of feet scuffling, hawkers hustling, and skaters shredding. Or at least that’s how it goes down in Venice Beach, CA — the sunburnt boardwalk that never sleeps.

We sent photographer Ashley Wilhardt to Venice to take pictures of all the breakdancers, weight lifters, and rabble rousers she could find. Her photos are snapshots of humans in a rush to live, burning with energy — and plenty of style.

“I’ve been to a lot of places,” Ashley told us, “but Venice is on its own thing. There’s just a certain pulse, a certain vibe that’s pretty exciting to be be around. Plus, look at the deal on the pizza sign, how good is that?”

If NYC is the concrete jungle, Venice is the concrete playground, and the best of Ashley’s photos present the city at play — whether that means skating, strolling, or busting moves. If anything, these images reveal why Venice has remained a place to be seen, a place to explore, and the hot spot for young Los Angeles.

Since the days of Dogtown, Venice Beach has been where it’s at. If nothing else, go for the cheap pizza!