Our Dreams Will All Be Answered With The Whole Foods Mac & Cheese Bar

Our love for mac and cheese runs deep in these parts. It’s a dish that’s held a hallowed spot on our dinner tables for centuries. It’s the glorious combination of starchy, glutinous noodles and velvety, silky cheese. In the west, we’ve been eating this dish so long, it hits out lizard brains like a preternatural rush of molly bliss. Whole Foods gets it. That’s why they’re installing a mac and cheese bar at their newest location in Denver.

The new 50,000 square foot destination grocery store will devote four of those square feet to all things mac and cheese. The bar will serve classic mac ‘n cheese along with “pulled pork BBQ mac and cheese, roasted tomato mac and cheese, and vegan mac and cheese,” according to the Denver Post’s coverage. It sounds like Whole Foods has all the bases covered when it comes to bendy noodles dressed in cheese.

Whole Foods isn’t stopping with a dope mac and cheese bar though. They’re also installing — and this isn’t a joke — a 100-pound cheese tower. That cheese will be hand-cut and served by American Cheese Society’s Certified Cheese Professionals. You can make your own joke here about how one becomes great enough at cutting cheese to become a ‘certified cheese professional.’

The store will also feature a fried chicken stand and an Israeli street food spot. Basically, Whole Foods is sorta trying to turn this store into a proper food hall with plenty of groceries in the middle and rad places to eat around the perimeter. And, honestly, that sounds like a pretty killer direction to go in.

(Via The Denver Post)