Ari Lennox Wants To Be Dropped From Her Label After Receiving Backlash For A Recent Bad Interview

Ari Lennox has had enough of being trolled online every time she stands up for herself. The Washington, DC native called out her detractors and expressed a wish to get out of the spotlight altogether in the wake of backlash over a recent interview that left her vowing never to visit South Africa.

During the interview with the Johannesburg-based Podcast And Chill podcast, host Mac G pulled a line from Ari’s own song “Pop” to ask “Is someone f*cking you good right now?” Caught off-guard, Ari was nonplussed during the interview but later tweeted that she wished she had responded differently, as the question felt disrespectful. However, fans of the podcast and others trolled Ari, calling her overly sensitive and blaming the salacious question on her own image.

Over the weekend, she addressed how the constant backlash made her feel, tweeting, “I want to be dropped from the labels. I’m done and tired.” Ari is currently signed to Interscope via J. Cole’s Dreamville Records.

Of course, that only led to more trolling tweets from followers who only wanted to provoke more reactions from the distraught singer. She addressed them without replying to any in particular. “For Christ sakes,” she wrote. “I realize I have no hits. I realize you all can live without hearing my music. I realize my complaining is so aggravating to y’all. I don’t ask blogs to post me when I’m at my worst. You judgemental self-hating parasites wouldn’t last a day as a signed artist… Complaining that I’m complaining about the sh*t I’m going through meanwhile in real life you’re just as unhappy just as f*cked up. You crying in the car too. Somebody calling you insensitive and dramatic too. You could never be honest about your demons.”

Lennox has been in this position before after she posted her thoughts about Lizzo winning Album Of The Year at the Soul Train Awards over her debut Shea Butter Baby and after she called out a troll who said she resembled a dog.