Emily Ratajkowski Regrets Starring In Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ Music Video

Before Sandra Bullock was SANDRA BULLOCK, she had a seedy sex scene in the direct-to-video “classic” Fire on the Amazon. Before Jason Statham was JASON STATHAM, he was… whatever’s going on here. When actors and actresses are young and desperate, they’ll take whatever role they can get, often in the nude, only to regret it years later. It didn’t take Emily Ratajkowski, who’s been in good trash (Gone Girl) and bad garbage (We Are Your Friends) and Entourage (Entourage), long to hate what made her famous: “Blurred Lines.”

Ratajkowski told the Hollywood Reporter that she’s as sick of talking about Robin Thicke’s music video as the rest of the world is of Robin Thicke. “I wasn’t into the idea at all at first,” she said. “I think I came off as a bit annoyed in the video. Now, it’s the bane of my existence.” Unlike her hacked photos.

“When anyone comes up to me about ‘Blurred Lines,’ I’m like, Are we seriously talking about a video from three years ago?” (Via the Hollywood Reporter)

Three years is a lifetime ago on the internet. It might as well be three decades, back when Thicke wasn’t going to prom with Rashida Jones. Ratajkowski isn’t the bane of anyone’s existence, unless you subscribe to the belief that without the titillating music video, “Blurred Lines” wouldn’t have been a hit, and made Thicke a decent amount of unearned money.

In which case, she’s Satan herself. Hey hey hey.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)