Frank Ocean Reportedly Changed His Coachella Set At The Last Minute Due To An Injury

Frank Ocean’s Coachella set turned out to be the big disappointment of the weekend, but according to TMZ, the last-minute changes that apparently derailed Frank’s Coachella plans were caused by an unexpected injury suffered by the headliner. TMZ reports sources close to Frank or Coachella say Frank was involved in a bicycle accident during rehearsals for the festival while traversing the festival grounds.

This prompted the teardown of the ice skating rink that he was expected to utilize for his performance and left the 100 or so LA-based hockey players hired for the performance with little to do during the set. They’d rehearsed at Coachella a week before the show, but after arriving at the grounds on Sunday, were told that plans had been scrapped. Instead of skating, they walked the stage in their custom Prada wardrobes.

If this is true, it could explain why Frank wanted Coachella to cancel the live stream of his set, since it’d have been a disappointing, stripped-down version of what he originally wanted to do, and why he went on an hour late. However, he wound up giving a strange, disjointed performance anyway, prompting an outcry on Twitter of both fans disappointed by the set and those upset they didn’t get to see it online. Perhaps Frank will have recovered by weekend two and fans can see the real set he had planned all along, just the way he intended it.