An On-Brand Kid Rock Supports Donald Trump For President

Kid Rock. He’s a cowboy. He’s an American badass. Maybe he’s released some music in the last decade, but for the most part, nobody cares. These days, he’s mostly known as a guy whose political opinions often stir up controversy. Fortunately, there’s nothing controversial about his latest statement. He’s supporting Donald Trump for President.

Yes, Kid Rock, who in 2012 campaigned for Mitt Romney, is throwing his hat in the ring for Home Alone 2 cameo enthusiast Donald Trump. “I’m digging Trump,” he told Rolling Stone. He further elaborated, saying, “My feeling: Let the mother*cking business guy run it like a f*cking business. And his campaign has been entertaining as sh*t.”

Whether or not the entertainment quality of somebody’s campaign should come into play when considering who you will vote for is a debate for another day, the point is Kid Rock loves Donald Trump because he’s a businessman. You know, as opposed to a policy-making politician.

This shouldn’t really surprise anybody, if you know both Kid Rock and Donald Trump. Kid Rock says he thinks Trump will get the nomination for the Republican Party. We’ll see if Mr. Rock turns out to be a soothsayer in this regard.

(Via Rolling Stone)