The Weeknd And Future Divulge The Dirty Details Of Their ‘Double Fantasy’ In The First Taste Of Music From ‘The Idol’

The first taste of HBO’s upcoming series The Idol is finally here. Tonight (April 21), The Weeknd and Future have teamed up for a sexy new single, called “Double Fantasy.”

Over a scorching beat featuring a seductive saxophone, The Weeknd channels his charismatic cult-leader character, Tedros, while sharing his dirty secrets.

“Temperature risin’, bodies united / Now that I trapped you in my arms / No need to fight it, no need to hide it / Now that I see what’s in your heart / Baby girl, I’m the only one who knows this side of you / And baby, you know that I can pull out what’s inside of you,” he sings, in what are probably the cleanest lyrics of the song.

Future kicks it up a notch with a verse of his own, detailing his duality, which is brought out by the woman of his affection.

“I sent you an envelope, came with a poem / You possess venom, that came with a charm / You get the good out me when I perform / I know the bad in you, that’s just what I want,” he raps.

The song’s accompanying visual features footage from The Idol.

In an interview with Interview, The Weeknd revealed his inspirations for The Idol‘s companion album.

“I’ve been inspired by The Wall and Purple Rain…But I want to take it to the next level,” he said. “I want to challenge myself and I feel like, as a musician, I’m the best I’ve ever been. But I have ADD. I can’t focus on just that. It’s like, how do I throw a wrench in it?”

You can listen to “Double Fantasy” above.

The Idol premieres June 4 on HBO. Episodes will be available to stream on Max.