Dua Lipa Makes A Surprise 2024 ACM Awards Appearance For A Rousing Duet With Chris Stapleton

Dua Lipa has experimented with different genres in recent years, but she hasn’t really gotten into country music yet. She took a stab at it last night, though: Making her debut appearance at the Academy Of Country Music Awards last night (May 16), Lipa and Chris Stapleton delivered a surprise duet of Stapleton’s “Think I’m In Love With You.”

Stapleton told ET of the 2024 ACM Awards performance, “It was her idea, as far as I know. They kind of called us up and said, ‘Hey, she would like to do this.’ I was like, ‘Are you sure?’ And she’s like, ‘Yeah!’ So we got on the phone and talked about it and worked on it a little bit. […] We really only kind of put together what we did like two days ago. So it was kind of a whirlwind of a thing to do — but it was awesome.”

Lipa also said, “It was a big dream of mine to work with Chris, and to have it happen tonight on the stage was really special. I’m a big, big Chris Stapleton fan, that’s for sure, and I love country music. I love the storytelling, I love the passion, and it was just so beautiful to be able to dive into that world a little bit, just kind of see it firsthand. It was really special.”

Check out a video of the performance above.